Thursday, January 6, 2011

Senior Session Update

Had a great time with miss Courtney!  "Dragged" her around all the neat places in town that I could think of.  Well, not all of them b/c we ran out of time.  But still really enjoyed this session and was able to capture some beautiful pictures.
Courtney 144 B&W
Courtney 105 Edited
CourtneyColor 068 
CourtneySeniorPics 074
CourtneySeniorPics 025 
CourtneySeniorPics 085 4x6selective
77 8x10-1
(This last picture is in memory of Courtney's best friend, Anna, who passed away in May of last year.  The upper right-hand photo, in the frame, was one of Anna's senior pictures I took in 2009. )


Faith said...

I adore the angled one in the circle...where is that at? Great work!

Secretly Sophie said...
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Stephanie said...

"I looked at your pics.... I really like the one with her looking through the circle of bricks!! Very cool! I can't figure out how to leave coments on there sorry!!" -Stephanie

Jules said...

Thanks everyone! I have surely enjoyed this part of my life. :o)